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Service Dog Tags
It is illegal to represent your pet as a Service Dog. Misuse of this card is illegal and punishable by law.

By creating and selling service dog tags for service animals and persons with disabilities, DoggyDMV tags by Norm Lanier and it's employees do not claim to legally certify these animals or the purchaser of these tags. Nor do we have or claim to have the medical and/or legal authority or knowledge to give recommendations on the qualifications of service animals or their handler. We do not guarantee that the use of our tags will enforce compliance with the ADA or any other federal, state and local law regarding the use of service animals. If you have any question concerning the legality of your service animal in relation to compliance with the ADA, or any other laws pertaining to service animals and the laws regarding access we recommend you contact experts in your area. The following web site contains information regarding service animals: Delta Society